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About Richard

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Professor Richard Puntillo’s Expert Witness practice draws on a unique background that combines a distinguished teaching career as a University of San Francisco finance professor with two decades of high-level executive experience in investment and commercial banking.  He also has over 20 years of board of directors service in SEC-reporting companies, including serving as Chairman of the Board and Audit Committee Chair.

Professor Puntillo has prepared Expert Reports in 56 cases, given deposition testimony 47 times and testified in court on 7 occasions, including 2 jury trials, 2 bench trials and 3 arbitration hearings.  He has served as a due diligence expert opining on the standard of care and custom and practice in the following capacities: M&A due diligence expert witness, LBO due diligence expert witness, IPO due diligence expert witness, underwriter due diligence expert witness for securities transactions, investment due diligence expert witness for private equity and venture capital investment transactions, lender due diligence expert witness for commercial lending and mortgage-related securities transactions, and director due diligence expert witness regarding the role of directors in securities offerings and M&A transactions.  He has also served as an industry expert in the following capacities: investment banking customary practices, private equity customary practices, venture capital customary practices, commercial banking customary practices, and mortgage banking customary practices.  Moreover, he has served as an Expert Witness on corporate governance matters, opining on the standard of care and custom and practice for boards of directors and corporate executives related to M&A and financing transactions, including opinions on reasonable reliance, conflicts of interest, the role of special committees and fair price/fair process.

Before becoming a full-time professor at the University of San Francisco’s Business School in 1990, Richard Puntillo spent nine years as an investment banker and 11 years as a commercial banker.  His experience includes significant SEC-reporting responsibilities and extensive transactional experience in securities and commercial lending transactions, including conducting and overseeing numerous due diligence investigations.  During his career, he has been directly involved as a corporate officer or director in negotiating, structuring and approving over a dozen M&A transactions.

Before transitioning to Emeritus Professor in 2014, Professor Puntillo taught MBA finance courses covering capital markets, investment banking, private equity and venture capital.  He was made a tenured, full professor in 1998 and has been recognized as one of the Business School’s top teachers, winning a total of six awards for distinguished teaching.